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How to make a good first impression with your holiday home

Drawing attention to your online advert is an important first step to getting visitors to your property, but the second a holidaymaker arrives at your rental shouldn’t be the end of your involvement.

Making a good first impression extends beyond the virtual reality of your property, and the sense a visitor gets from a holiday rental and how much they enjoy their time there can have a significant affect on your future bookings.

Whilst it is of course vital to keep your property clean and presentable, there are a few extra steps you could take to make your holiday home a place for visitors to rave about…

  • Don’t get personal- Whilst garnishing your holiday home with family photos is lovely for when you take a visit yourself, it may not be what a visitor wants to see. A holidaymaker should be able to create their own long lasting memories whilst away; this could be more difficult if they feel like they’re intruding on another family’s home away from home.
  • Get the basics right- Although not necessary, it is a nice gesture to provide some basics for your guests upon their arrival. A bit of milk in the fridge and biscuits in the cupboard could make a bigger impression than you think on a tired traveler fresh off a four hour flight or long car journey.
  • Taking the gesture a step further- You could provide a simple gift basket- perhaps with nice biscuits, a loaf cake, jam, wine or cheese- for your visitors upon their arrival. This is obviously by no means something you should feel obliged to do, but it could be what makes your property stand out from the rest.
  • Dress the house according to the time of year- at Christmas, put up a small Christmas tree or some lights; in the summer or spring provide a small barbeque, or some children’s beach buckets and spades…After all, the time of year someone chooses to go on holiday probably reflects the type of holiday they want- so enhance a cozy Christmas getaway or summer experience with some seasonal accessories.
  • Have a guest book- whilst online reviews are a brilliant thing, a guest book in the property itself gives a homely, human touch. It shows holiday-goers the variety of people from many different places that have visited, and how much other people have enjoyed your property.
  • Keep attractions leaflets on the side- Keep a shelf or drawer of local attraction leaflets in the living room or kitchen of your property. This reminds people of the great location they are in, and ensures they have the inspiration make the most of their getaway and have a brilliant holiday.

These small tips could be the reason your next visitor gives high recommendations of your property. Take a look at Pure Holiday Homes to get advice and marketing for your holiday rental; once you’ve got the visitors, help yourself by optimizing the impression of your property.

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