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Holidays in Africa – great winter sun

Africa certainly offers some hot weather and a variety of choice for both winter sun and for summer holidays.

South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Cape Verde, and Kenya are some of the popular choices.

South Africa is ideal for winter sun, as their summer peaks at the same time as winter in the UK. With Cape town, Johannesburg, and Kruger national park as some of the top destinations. Read more about South Africa.

Morocco is much closer to Europe, in-fact it’s less than 5 hours away by plane. The culture in Morocco is vibrant and fascinating, with stunning places like Marrakesh and Fes to explore. Read more about Morocco.

Not much further than Morocco is Egypt, on the east cost of Africa. Many famous places here such as the Nile, the pyramids, the Sphinx, and the city of Cairo. Read more about Egypt.

Out to the west of Africa in the North Atlantic Ocean you can find a wonderful tranquil island holiday in Cape Verde, where tourism is still in its infancy. Read more about Cape Verde.

Kenya is on the East coast and had a coastline in the Indian Ocean. Of the countries we’ve listed, Egypt is the most proximal to the Equator, meaning the sun is always very intense and the seasons vary the least in terms of peak temperature. With both seaside and safari holidays, it’s worth reading more about Kenya.

Kenya – a winter sun safari holiday

Safari in Kenya

Kenya is on the east coast of the Africa continent, on the equator. As a holiday destination it is known for Safaris and for the wildlife that lives in the many national parks in Kenya. With a coastal location Kenya also has gorgeous beaches on the edge of the warm Indian Ocean.

Heading to a wildlife reserve or national park in Kenya will allow you to view a very broad spectrum of animals, including rhinoceros, warthog, cheetah, elephants, hyena, mongoose and even the giant rat. There are many to explore as there are 21 national parks in Kenya, with the Tsavo national park being one of the largest, oldest and most popular with tourists.

Dhow sailing on the Indian ocean.

Tourists interested in exploring beaches on the coast can also see the Indian ocean a little more by heading out to Wasini Island,  a small island with a range of interesting culture and activities. The island is inhabited by the Vumba people, who have a rich history. There are villages, mosques and tombs to explore, there are also dolphin spotting trips available, diving, snorkeling and dhow sailing.

Considering Kenya? Take a look at some of the rather beautiful holiday homes in Kenya on our site.

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