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Top family destinations in the USA.

Our friends across the pond (Atlantic Ocean if you didn’t know) have always been welcoming hosts to British holiday makers for a long time.  Nearly everything in America is bigger and bolder compared to what you will find in the UK, ranging from supersize theme parks to awesome natural spectacles such as the Grand Canyon.

We look at the most exciting family holiday locations in the great USA.

Orlando, Florida

Most famous for Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Centre and Animal Kingdom, children will be left enchanted by the magical world of Disney.  However, Discovery Cove is another amusement park where visitors are able to swim with dolphins and observe killer wales.

There is a massive range of accommodation options surrounding the Disney region for large groups to a family of four.  The area is also packed full of affordable traditional American restaurants and cafes. Orlando holiday homes.

Anaheim, California

Orlando is not the only place you can go to find the magic of Disney, if you want to travel to the sunny West coast of the USA; Anaheim is the place to go.  The town used to be a sleepy little town of orange groves before it transformed into an action packed location when Disneyland Resort opened in 1955.  The park also includes Disney California Adventure park and much more; including indoor karting and toy museum.Night view of Disney California

For the adults you can find dining in Downtown Disney and Westfield MainPlace mall in Anaheim.  Or explore the surrounding area and travel to Los Angeles, the centre of glitz and glamour. Holiday homes in California.

Panama City Beach, Florida

The subtropical Panama City Beach is the perfect combination of beach and amusements.  You can try your hand at jet-skiing and scuba diving, or go to one of the many parks including, Coconut Creek Family Fun Park and Golfworld Marine Park.  Accommodation in the area, will not only provide you with easy access to all the popular locations but many also give you stunning views over the tropical terrain. Panama City Holiday Homes.

Carlsbad, California

The Southern Californian coastal city is full of protected wildlife and old fashioned buildings.  Kids will love Legoland California and Sea Life Aquarium, but adults can also enjoy the state beach, three lagoons, bird watching and dozen of gold courses.  Located down the coast from Los Angeles, Carlsbad is the perfect location to learn or perfect your surfing technique.  Accommodation ranges from sea front condos to houses surrounded in lush gardens.

With low cost travel increasing their routes around the world, travelling to the USA is even easier.  It is the perfect location for any family holiday.

Daytona Beach, Florida

Anybody of a certain age may have played a Sega game called ‘out run’ – in this classic game you drive a shiny red Ferrari at high speed along a wide American road, with a broad beach running along-side punctuated with palm trees.

It was this game which sprung unannounced back into my mind when I arrived at Daytona Beach, Florida – which must have been an inspiration to the games designers.

Driving on Daytona beach in a ford Focus

Driving along daytona beach

The unbroken 23 mile long smooth sandy beach borders the Atlantic ocean on Florida’s east coast is gorgeous, and provides one of the most expansive views of the horizon I have ever encountered. Walking up or down the beach, you can see for miles in either direction. I was not surprised then, when I heard the beach was once commonly used as a race track – in fact still today motorists are welcome on the beach which allows vehicles during daylight hours within specified areas. (Driving on the beach was certainly one of those unique experiences I will long remember.)

The motor racing heritage is also apparent when you head inland and see the huge Daytona International Speedway, home of the well known Daytona 500 race.

Apart from the usual beach activities there are quite a few shopping areas nearby, such as the Volusia Mall. Of Course, you’re also in a great location to visit the relatively close-by Disney Parks, Universal, Wet & Wild, and alike. About an hours drive south is Kennedy Space centre, and Daytona beach itself is considered a good place to view shuttle launches from Cape Canaveral, despite being some distance away.

It does appear, that recently the area has been hit by the gloomy economic climate, as venturing away from any main areas reveals strings of abandoned, vacant shop fronts, however the main areas are still buzzing and full of American enthusiastic optimism.

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