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Financial blues? Time for a holiday.

As shops close, jobs are cut back, and prices rocket, the holiday is one luxury which many will not sacrifice. A survey by YouGov has revealed that out of a group of 2057 British adults, 65 % plan to take a holiday over the following year, and 49 % of this group endeavour to go abroad. With this in mind, why not look forward to a holiday this year whilst taking advantage of what’s on offer at Pure Holiday Homes.

26 per cent of this surveyed group also admitted that despite serious financial concerns, they would not sacrifice their holiday. Pure Holiday Homes allows you to get the most for your money, simply by facilitating holiday bookings direct from the owner. When you rent from a property owner you can save as much as 60-70 % compared with a holiday through a package specialist or tour operator.

The holiday is deemed so important that many would sacrifice long term investments such as home improvements rather than forfeit their holiday. Pure Holiday Home is able to provide the best of both worlds; a holiday, at an affordable price. Sean Collins, CEO of Pure Holiday Homes, comments ‘booking through a package holiday company can mean huge hidden costs due to commission; if you book through Pure Holiday Homes, you will not be trapped into paying more for your holiday than you should’.

A price comparison shows the extent of which you make a saving by booking through Pure Holiday Homes; a luxury beach apartment for two in Barbados (property ref 25418) costs £406 for a week in April, compared to a local four star beach hotel and resort, which would cost around £6,000 for a room over the same period. Similarly, a beautiful apartment sleeping six in the Costa Del Sol (property ref 30808) costs £350 for a week in June on Pure Holiday Homes, compared to a local hotel which would cost a minimum of £650 for a week in June, when booked through a package holiday specialist.

Whilst a holiday provides a well needed escape during these economic hard times, this doesn’t mean that people are able to just book the first luxury property they find, pack their bags and take the next flight. The current climate necessitates caution, sensibility and forward-planning, and this is something which Pure Holiday Homes is aware of. Whilst it might be a good idea to take a relaxing break, there is no reason you can’t be conscientious about how you do it.

Pure Holiday Homes provides the perfect platform to facilitate people to enjoy a short break, whilst still maintaining control over their finances. Understanding the current market of frugal savers, Pure Holiday Homes understands that people are seeking something impressive; a great getaway for a reasonable price. Innovative holiday rental sites like Pure Holiday Homes are providing excellent ways for customers to optimise their holiday experience whilst not pulling too tightly on the purse strings, and should be one of the first ports of call when browsing for your next break.

Pure Holiday Homes has a collection of over 26,500 properties in the UK and abroad. The website’s modern design and easy search facility provides an accessible way to search through property listings from more than 85 countries. By allowing holidaymakers to book directly through the owner, Pure Holiday Homes avoids any hidden costs or fees.

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