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Great places to go Skydiving.

Skydiving holidays

What a great view!

Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating activities you can do and is definitely something worth trying at least once in a lifetime.  Fascinate your mind and flood your senses with an unforgettable experience, soaring through the skies.  The cost of skydiving certainly isn’t cheap, so if you’re only going to ever give it a go once, it’s worth considering the perfect place to make your free-fall parachute drop.

New Zealand

New Zealand is famous for offering a wide range of adrenaline pumping sports, but with its stunning mountainous scenery, skydiving here is a wonderful choice.  Motueka, New Zealand offers one of the highest sky diving experiences possible, from 16,500 ft which allows you to view the golden beaches, turquoise oceans and snow covered mountain tops. Holiday homes in New Zealand.


This beautiful island is located in the English Channel near to the coast of France.  Skydiving in Jersey allows you to land on a beach, which is an experience you’d usually have to travel to Australia or New Zealand for.  Enjoy views of the whole island on your ultimate freefall experience of up to 10,000ft.  Go to Jersey for a cheaper option but with just as much beauty as other locations. Holiday homes in Jersey.


Fly over Sydney and see the Opera house from the skies just like Aston Kutcher and pop star Kesha both have done.  Skydiving in Australia is perfect to experience the friendly culture and extensive landscape, by falling through the air.  There are many locations across the country which offers skydiving including, Perth, Brisbane and Sydney. Holiday homes in Australia

Tandem skydive

Tandem skydive - will stay with you forever.


You usually associate Switzerland with skiing, but why not view the mountains from the air whilst sky diving.  Beautiful mountains and winding rivers are to be enjoyed from the sky, where you can watch everyone on the ground.  The main place which offers skydiving is Interlaken, a popular tourist resort in Bernese Oberland.  It may not be the obvious choice, but it is defiantly worth skydiving in Switzerland. Holiday homes in Switzerland

South Africa

View Table Mountain and the white sandy beaches from a height!  You can really take in the colourful culture, even from 10,000ft above the ground.  If you’ve never skydived, consider doing your first jump in South Africa. With a reasonable exchange rate, you’ll find it a lot cheaper than in other countries. Challenge yourself and go skydiving in South Africa. Holiday homes in South Africa.

If you’re interested in trying skydiving, (you should – it’s a great excuse to travel and experience the world while hurtling towards it), then it’s worth looking at the British Parachute Association.


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