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Egypt as a winter sun destination

Africa can sound like a distant place, however there are some areas very close to Europe.

Egypt is one of these close parts of Africa, roughly 5 hours flight from the UK.

Situated in the east on Africa, Egypt as a destination offers a sense of mystery. Inland, Egypt offers a lot to the adventurous tourist interested in ancient civilisations who built the pyramids at Giza, and the Great Sphinx. Egypt offers a lot of history, and a lot of unique experiences such as treks through the desert and cruises on the Nile.
The fascinating city of Cairo with it’s mix of old Islamic architecture with new modern buildings attracts a lot of visitors. The city is very important in Egypt and in the Arab and Muslim world and features many Mosques which are stunningly built.

The red sea coast in Egypt attracts a lot of tourists to the warms seas. Sharm el Sheikh on the Sinai Peninsula is possibly one of the most well known Egyptian holiday destinations. Well served by the UK’s budget airlines, there are lots of attractions in Sharm el-Sheikh, and the area is very warm and has a great spot along the Red sea.

There are many more attractions to see in Egypt, the temple of Luxor (spectacular at night), Giz Plateua, and Abu-Simbel Temples. Explore our range of holiday homes in Egypt and start planning a trip back in time!

This video from the Egypt Tourist board is quite inspiring and shows some of the sights you can see in Egypt.

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